City Law College (CLC) Lahore has its history of traditions with Legal Education and moral values. It makes this college distinguish from other Law colleges. The Legal Education provides awareness of rights in the society .A layer is counted in civil Society, there is no limit of earning for a lawyer but being the civilized person, a lawyer must be awarded about the pains of the society. It is advised to the students that there is no short cut of success; they can success only with the hard working. It makes them confident in their practical lives.

We do not lose anything but we can win the heart of peoples by our sweet words. The students of City law college, is taught discipline, work hard and honesty during their studies, enabling they may become good lawyer practically.

The legal education is not necessary only for lawyers and judges It is also become same important for government officers, positioners, business-men etc. The students of CLC must proud that they are getting legal Educational with moral values under the same roof and it is the City law college Allama lqbal Road Lahore.

Mohammad Yousaf Alvi, Administrator