The City Law College is one of the dynamic and progressive colleges of law dedicated to the promotion of sound and advanced legal studies.

Law is body of principles embodying social values, providing one of the principal instruments of change and a frame work for justice through which changes in society, technology and thinking modify. Thus, law plays an invaluable role in bringing out reforms and stimulating in laying down the standards and norm of behavior morality, justice, socio-cultural norms and business practices.

It is pertinent to mention that a large number of alumni, are the prominent member of bar as well as are holding eminent positions in higher judiciary in legal departments of government as well as in multinational law firms throughout the world.

My best wishes to the students graduating today and the new comers, for you, a new and bright career is awaiting. The field of law is wide open and it has reached new horizons. If you are fully equipped, talented and prepared to work hard, I am sure, every one of you would shine like a bright star. I encourage you to have faith in your abilities for it is this conviction that helps you face life’s challenges with confidence, grit and determination. Stick to your own conscience and do not stoop down to achieve your meaningful objectives. Keep the flag of the justice, morality, rule of law and legal wisdom high and I wish all success for you in your life.


Syed Hasnat Zahid, Principal