In addition to the pre scripted syllabi, we are introducing course which will produce lawyers fully equipped with practical skills.

The most important interpersonal skill for a lawyer is advocacy, where the ability to present a case to other people clearly, comprehensively and persuasively is central. The courses are designed to provide you with a basic introduction to those areas of the legal system which is most likely to be encountered by a lawyer in the early years of his career.

By the end of the course, you should be:

Able to prepare for a hearing in the court, knowing what procedure will be adopted in the court and what matter will need to be covered.

Able to take in formal decisions; with regard to the various paths a case can take both as to its final resolution and the intermediate hearing, and

Able to prepare properly to advise your client which is the most suitable method.

The Course includes the following:

          Opinion writing and drafting.

          Advocacy, negotiation and conference skills.

          Civil litigation.

Criminal litigation and sentencing.

General Practice. So that by the end of the course students would be able to actually perform skills that a lawyer requires, and perform them competently at professional level.